January 14, 2011

April 2009

Well we certainly went through the full gamut last night:  everything from politics to religion to nutrition.  And Mick reciting poetry - I thought Pam was going to wet her pants!

Books by Farley Mowat:
Never Cry Wolf
The Dog Who Wouldn't Be
The Boat That Wouldn't Float
Three Men in a Boat - Jerome K. Jerome
The Sharper Your Knife the Less You Cry - Kathleen Flinn
The Great Railway Bazaar - Paul Theroux
Ghost Train to the Eastern Star - Paul Theroux
The Omnivore's Dilemma - Michael Pollan
In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan
Desire:  Women Write about Wanting - compiled by Lisa Solod Warren
To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee
Sea Room - Adam Nicolson
Visit the Shiant Isles here  http://www.shiantisles.net/
Photos here  http://www.madaboutmountains.com/shiants.htm
Rococo - Adriana Trigiani  (Will Pam make the Our Lady of Drown Your Sorrows cake with Heavenly Frosting????)
Big Stone Gap - Adriana Trigiani
D-Day - Stephen Ambrose
Undaunted Courage - Stephen Ambrose
Citizen Soldiers - Stephen Ambrose
TS Eliot
Robert Frost
The Last Lion - William Manchester
Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
A World Lit Only by Fire - William Manchester
Death of a President - William Manchester
American Caesar - William Manchester
Shakespeare's sonnets
Beryl Markham was the first woman to cross the Atlantic from east to west.  Barb, do you remember the name of the book?  Was it West with the Night?
The Outlander Series - Diana Gabaldon
And Ladies of the Club - Helen Hooven Santmyer
Personal History:  Katherine Graham
No Spin Zone - Bill O'Reilly
A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity - Bill O'Reilly
Speaking of Faith - Krista Tippett - NPR program Sunday mornings  Also found this:  http://speakingoffaith.publicradio.org/
Traveling Mercies:  Some Thoughts on Faith - Anne Lamott
A History of God - Karen Armstrong
The Spiral Staircase:  My Climb out of Darkness - Karen Armstrong
Pain in Inevitable but Misery is Optional So Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy - Barbara Johnson

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